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Penny's Awesome Bead Artist Collection

As you browse around my site you may spot a finding or bead in a piece of jewelry that were particularly fond of. When it is made by another artist a reasonable question I get frequently is, "Who made it and where can I get it?". To make some of these items more readily available, I have teamed up with some of these artists to sell them through my website. The links below will connect you to pages for specific artists whose pieces I often use in my own designs. I am very happy to be able to represent the work of these artists who I admire and appreciate.

All images and designs owned by the artists. Copyright 2008.

Cathy Lanzl's BONZ!!!
A collection of findings and more cast from actual bones and exoskeletons.

Joan Miller's Porcelain Beads
Joan's unique medium and tremendous skill for making beads allows for detail and textures you won't find in glass.

Just-K Lampwork Glass Beads
Kimmie's whimsical bead designs include the Weeble Cats and Dogs and the flowing Wave/Ruffle beads that fit the Fish and Hippo bead critters perfectly!
Just-K logo by KimmieHoss Kitty Weeble

Lampwork Beads from Dee Howl and Susan Simonds
Etched Dichroic Glass Beads from Dee Howl with stars and hearts and colorful floral lampwork beads from Susan Simonds. Great for my Teapot and Bead Critter designs!

Seed Beaded Beads
Make your own beads with these great kits that include a Bead Critter and everything you need to complete a great pendant design!!!
Dragonfly with Seed Beaded Bead Tail

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