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Bead Kabob Display Racks
Currently Unavailable...

About the Bead Kabob Design
Beads slip on the Kabobs...

Find my selection of great beads here.
Choose from large or small diameter Kabobs, also available in stainless steel, brass or copper-coated steel...

Just specify size and material on the comments section of the order form.
Completely breaks down for easy transport...

Screws attach the base to the columns and drawer pulls secure the top.
Hooks are placed under the top board
for bracelet and necklace display...

Closeup detail of the stylyzed edge design...
Closeup detail of the rounded edge design...
Lots of FUN choices out there for drawer pulls to top off the Kabob rack...
The Small Size Display Rack in the Roman Pine Style...

What combines elegant looks, easy transport and security?
No, its not the latest SUV...its the Bead Kabob Display!!!

These bead displays are made from beautiful, solid wood and look great showing off your collection at home or presenting your handiwork at a bead show. If you are a bead vendor, you will appreciate the ability to completely disassemble these racks for easy shipment to and from the show. I have found that they also deter theft by preventing easy access to my beads and jewelry. Beads slide onto the Kabob rods and the rods fit into the slots in the vertical columns. The numerous slots allow for a wide variety of display configurations. We also add eye hooks to the larger displays so that necklaces and bracelets can be dangled down from them. The kabob rods are available in large and small diameters and three different metals (brass, copper or stainless steel). During set up, I position the flat, unslotted side towards the customer onto which I place stickers with pricing and titles. The displays come in small, medium and large sizes and a few different kinds of wood so look through the photos to find something that compliments your existing decor. They are generally finished with a protective clear gloss, but other finishes can be customized to your liking. We provide all the hardware for assembly and all the bead kabob rods to fill the display. Simple drawer pulls are included which can be replaced by the end user as the size of the attachment screw is standardized for stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. Please email us with special requests and specify kabob rod diameter and material on the comments section of the order form.

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