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Bead Ladies Jewelry Page

Bead ladies are a result of my desire to create pieces with a personal meaning to the people wearing it. The designs consist of a face charm from my collection of exclusive sterling charms, beautiful furnace glass arms and legs beads from Glasscapes, shoe charms and the hand-held charms that truly personalize the pieces. They are sort of like charm bracelets with attitude (and they are also not bracelets, but pendants!). If your favorite part of the day is walking the dog and drinking coffee, how about a design wearing tennis shoes and holding a dog and a coffee mug (just don't spill on the dog!)? See below for more fun examples of a shopper, gardener, even a junk food lover. The choices are as limitless as there are charm designs and believe me, that is pretty darn limitless. Have fun and email me with any inquiries. If you like the designs I have listed, they are available with your choice of glass bead color. Go to the face charms if you would like to build your own.

Shopping with Cell Phone Bead Lady

This design, celebrating the modern woman, features a face charm (Diana shown here) carrying a cell phone and shopping bag charm while wearing her favorite pair of pumps! She's probably shopping for another pair and telling her friend about a sale. Her dress is a beautiful Bali Silver bead. Please specify the glass colors of your choice.


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Power Lunch Bead Lady

Here's a design for the girl on the move. What better way to eat fast food than on rollerblades? If you are, or know, a junk food junky, this beady lady is surely for you. Anyone for a Frosty? She has got her hot dog and fries charms and loves "Roller Girl" by Dire Straits. Please specify the glass colors of your choice.

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Green Thumb Bead Lady

Everyone knows someone who has the magic touch in the garden. This beadie lady is a tribute to them, their hard work and attention to detail (Hi Mom!). This lovely lady is wearing a pair of her most comfortable sneakers and is holding a watering can, trowel and a pot of flowers.Please specify the glass colors of your choice.

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Queen of the Rubber Stamp Convention Bead Lady

My Rubberstamping and Scrapbooking friends will appreciate this design. Rubberstamp conventions and amazing fun with all the latest equipment and ideas from the world of paper arts. But, only one of the hundreds who attend can be Queen! Let it be you with this fun pendant. She has her 'Love to Shop' bag and rubber stamp charm with a pair of comfortable, but stylish pumps (lots of walking and standing at a stamp convention). Notice her Queen's crown and Bali silver dress. Please specify the glass colors of your choice.

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Goddess of the Kitchen

With her whisk in one hand and a declaration of her love for cooking in another, this Bead Lady design is all in good taste!
Please specify the glass colors of your choice.


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Jodee Beadie Girl:
Shopping, Talking and Rollerblading!

This is a design for girls or Moms who want a little reminder of their daughter. Features a cell phone and shopping bag charm while wearing rollerblades. Sound familar? Please specify the glass colors of your choice.


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Not a People Person? Don't let that stop you!
If your best friend is furry, try

The Beady Pet Pendants
If you like this design be sure to check out the Pet Inspired Jewelry Page for all my charms and jewelry designs that celebrate our furry friends!
Dinner Time Bead Kitty


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Cowboy Bead Kitty
(a.k.a. Cat Dillon)


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Bead Doggie


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This is for the REAL Cat or Dog Lover.

Each piece is assembled entirely with sterling silver wire
and charms with a splash of color added in the form of furnace glass beads.
The kitties are holding his favorite delicacy-a juicy mousy.
And how of them happens to have his food bowl ready.
Kitty says, "Tastes like Chicken!"

Close up photo of
bowl in the kitty's paw
The Beady Doggie is holding a bone and his own personalized bowl that says 'Dawg'. Dogs were never known for their spelling, but we love them anyway!

Create your own personal Beadie Ladies with Face Charms and my collection of charms!!! Use the examples above to spark your creativity and mix and match with any of the components on this page. I love making one-of-a-kind pieces and will assemble any idea you can imagine. The best part is its free! I do not charge for the assembly, only the parts. Let's collaborate for you or someone special to you. Pick a face charm, shoes and charms to hold and indicate the choice of color you prefer in furnace glass on the comments section of the order form.

Shown are eight Penny Michelle Exclusive
charms designed for making Bead figures or wherever your creativity takes you.
$19 each

Click on the charm you wish to order or fill out the form.
Bead Ladies

Beadie Kids

Face Charm ($19 each) Quantity
First Row
Left: Diana
Middle Left: Jan
Middle Right: Mary
Right: Bonnie
Second Row
Left: Wilma
Middle Left: Jeni
Middle Right: Pat
Right: Frannie
Beadie Kids
Left: Jodee
Right: Ricky
The following components are generally available,
but please email me with special requests and I will do my best to fill them:

Choose either a Glass Heart Body (specify color) or a Bali Silver Dress Bead. See the samples above to decide.
Choose from the following SHOES!!!
Pump/Sling-back heel
Cowboy Boot
Choose from the following Individuality Charms!!!
Credit Card
Shopping Bag
Cell Phone
Hot Dog
French Fries
Rubber Stamp
Marker Pen
Glue Bottle
Scrappin's My Thing Heart
Garden Trowel
Watering Can
Flower Pot
"Love to Cook"
Tea Cup
To request your components, either send me an email or list them on the comments section of the order form when you order a face charm.

Pendant Chains for your Bead Ladies

If you need a sterling silver necklace chain to go with any of the pendant purchases on this page, you can do so using the order table below. The two popular styles that I carry are shown in the photo and they are available in several different lengths. These are high quality sterling silver, made in Italy.
Size Each Quantity
Ball-Style Chains
16 inch $14
18 inch $15
20 inch $16
24 inch $18
30 inch $21
Snake Chains
16 inch $17
18 inch $18
20 inch $19
24 inch $21
30 inch $24

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