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All NEW Bead Rubberstamps and Seed Beading Kits!!!
Lampwork Beads from some of Penny's Favorite Artists

Customers always ask me where I get my beads. In fact, many times I send out an order for Critters or Findings only to have people write back and ask about a bead they saw on my website or at a show. I have made a LOT of bead jewelry and spend as much time as I can searching shows and the internet for beads with a special flair. Browse this page for a selection of beads that I have used in a number of Bead Critter and Bead Charmer designs. Examples where I have used the beads are included as well as some tips and some stories about the artists themselves. Some of my favorite people are lampworkers!

All the Beads available for my Bead Critters and Fun Findings are now available in one location...visit them HERE!

This page is part of Penny's Bead Artists Collection. Be sure to see them all.

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Dee Howl
Dee Howl and his wife, Karen are beadmakers from New Mexico. They are the only beadmakers I know who perform surface-etching on their beads in this fashion. They are fabulous beads that each seem to be a tiny gazing ball. They are available with either the STARS or HEARTS (not shown) pattern. These beads average 9mm high by 12mm wide. They fit almost all of the critters since we use one of these beads as a standard when carving new designs in wax. They are exceptionally fun on the bat, owl, dragon and teapot and the heart design is sweet on the bunny and love teapot.

Dee Howl Star Beads

Dee Howl Etched Dichroic Star Beads...$10

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Susan Simonds
Susan lives in Colorado with her husband Jim. She and her 5 year old Rottie, Katie, have been making beads since 1992. They enjoy traveling in their motorhome, and you can find them at many of the Bead Rennaissance shows. Susan also has many of my findings available if you see her at a show and obviously, her lovely beads which are always so perfectly executed!! These beads average 9mm high by 12mm wide. They look GREAT on the classic and Love teapots as well as Neptuna, the hippo, frog and many more.

Beads by Susan Simonds: $14 each
(from left to right in the picture above)
Color Quantity
Lime Green
Emerald Green
Sky Blue
Navy Blue
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Seed Beaded Bead Kits
Seed Beaded Bead Kits!
Welcome to the World of Seed Beading...turn back now or prepare for a life-altering experience! The art of creating jewelry through this medium is ever growing in popularity and one word describes the feeling of finishing your first design: ADDICTIVE! Lampwork artist JustK (also a terriffic seed beader) envisioned making seed beaded beads for the Bead Critters. The result of her efforts are these complete kits that make seed beading fun, easy and ever so satisfying. Everything you need is here to make the completed critters shown in the photos below. Includes detailed instructions, Bead Critter components, Sterling findings (headpin and Jump Ring) and a complete set of seed beads. All you need is a needle and thread, a pair of pliers and your creativity. Get Ready, Get Set, BEAD!!!
Bunny Dress Kit
Bunny in a Beaded Bead Dress

Seed Beaded Bunny Dress Kit
(Includes a Bunny Bead Critter)
Dragonfly Tail Kit
Dragonfly with a Beaded Bead Tail

Seed Beaded Dragonfly Tail Kit
(Includes a Dragonfly Bead Critter)

Beading Heart Finding

Sample Lavender Beaded Heart with Baroque Pearl Wings  Beading Heart Seed Beading Finding  Beading Heart Finished Sample Piece

I have always wanted to make a sterling silver finding for seed beaders and am very happy with how this first design turned out. The sample piece shown is my first effort and was so fun to make! Holes are spaced along the heart "chambers" and at the top and bottom which facilitates lots of seed beading and easy incorporation into a larger design. Seed beading is so very popular and some of the pieces are amazingly intricate. I look forward to seeing what the imaginations of other seed beaders will produce with my fun new finding! Enjoy...
Measures 35mm wide x 30mm tall.

Beading Heart Finding: $22 each

Rubberstamps for Beaders
Show'em how crazy you are about beads with these fun rubberstamp designs. Use them to stamp envelopes, bags, boxes, you name it. Whether you make beads, collect them, or both, this is a fun way to show your enthusiasm for them!

We now have available our own exclusive stamp designs!
Wonderful artwork by Kimmie of JustK beads. These are mounted on wood while only the images are shown below.

If I left my pups alone in the studio, I'm sure they would have lots of fun with all my beads!!


Boy, is this statement ever true...I wish I had half the time needed to complete all my beading projects!!


The magic never ends with beads, whether you have "little blue ones" or not!!!


Inspired by my Monkey bead critter design, this little gal has adorned her tail with some fabulous lampwork!!!


Here are three of my addictions!!! Come on now...I know I'm not the only one!


Another tribute to the beading addiction...A little tube of seed beads can be more therapeutic than any perscription medication!!!


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