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All designs and images Copyright 2004 Cathy Lanzl and Penny Michelle.
The Story Behind the Bonz...

The items on this page were all created by my very good friend Cathy Lanzl. Cathy has a unique fascination with the skeletal structure of animals and is always looking for interesting bones. On her many travels to exotic locations (Amazon, Cabo San Lucas) Cathy keeps one eye on the shoreline, ever watchful for interesting remnants of an expired life form. She selected a few of the more interesting specimens and cast them in sterling silver. With a little modification some of the silver bones were made into wonderful findings. Fish vertebrae, for example, from a variety of different sized fish provide a useful spectrum of spacers that I use in my beaded jewelry designs. I enjoy incorporating Cathy's unique findings into my pieces and I think you will too. They are great conversation pieces...every time someone asks you, "What's that!?" you and your customers will have a great little story to tell.

Browse the sample jewelry images and scroll down for more information and ordering.

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Sea Urchins
This collection features findings and rings cast from actual sea urchins. Cathy noticed the beautiful patterns on the textured surface of these little creatures and was inspired to cast them in silver. The collection consists of four bead designs, sliding spacers in three sizes and two ring designs.
Sea Urchin Spacers

Sea Urchin Spacers
Item Diameter Quantity
Small Urchin Spacer
Medium Urchin Spacer
Large Urchin Spacer
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Sea Urchin Beads

Cathy has expanded her Sea Urchin line to now include beads! A great variety of shapes and sizes are available to inspire your next jewelry project. Click the images for an upclose look at the detail!
Large Round Beads
Round Beads
Measures 15mm long, 12mm wide and weighs 6 grams.
$20 each
Round Spoke Beads
Round Centering Beads
A spoke with hole in the center centers the bead on wire. Measures 9mm long, 10mm wide and weighs 3.5 grams.
$12.00 each
Long Tube Beads
Tube Beads
Measures 20mm long, 7mm wide and weighs 3 grams.
$11 each
Curved Beads
Bent Tube Beads
Curved shape works well in a necklace design. Measures 14mm long, 8mm wide and weighs 2.6 grams.
$11 each
Sea Urchin Rings

Both designs feature substantial sterling silver and are appropriate to be worn by either a man or woman. The textured surfaces feel great to the touch and the hump ring design, although an unusual shape, is actually quite comfortable. Available in most sizes so please specify on the comments section of the order form.
Tapered Sea Urchin Ring

Available in most sizes.
Please specify on comments section of order form.
Hump Sea Urchin Ring

Available in most sizes.
Please specify on comments section of order form.

Vertebrae Spacers
What better backbone for your next design than Cathy's cast silver fish vertebrae. The vertebrae chosen for casting each had an interesting quality that came through in the final silver piece. Some bones have cavernous chambers, others are textured with fibrous formations and some, like cloud formations or an ink blot, seem to appear like something completely different. Your imagination will run wild as you examine them carefully and the mind is left to wonder about the identity of its previous owner!

Vertebrae Spacers
Items are listed by number as appearing in photos with the number of spacers sold per item indicated in the table.
Item Diameter/Width Quantity
#1 Vertebrae
$78 each
#2 Vertebrae
$25 each
#3 Vertebrae
$25 each
#4 Vertebrae
$32 each
#5 Vertebrae
Set of 6: $56
#6 Vertebrae
Set of 4: $42
#7 Vertebrae
Set of 12: $42
#8 Vertebrae
Set of 12: $42
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Hermit Crab
Just add your favorite shell to Cathy's silver hermit crab and you've got a new pet that never needs any special attention! Cathy's wax carving skills really shine in this design...he looks just like a real hermit crab!! Comes with a temporary (or permanent) housing shell as shown. A great addition to anyone's collection of ocean themed art and the perfect item to sell in a coastal area gallery or gift shop.
Sterling Silver Hermit Crab

Cathy's Collaged Creature Creations
Looking for something different...we mean REALLY different! Check out a couple of Cathy's Collaged Creature Creations pictured below. Both designs are cast sterling silver collages of various parts from a number of formerly living things. The warrior has cicada wings, bird legs for hands and feet, a fish vertebrae head and neck, a trilobite brain and ammonite abdomen. Amazing! The Footed Eye was made to house an eye from a doll (don't worry..its not real!) and stands on its own using a bird foot. Notice the textured details that Cathy carved into the waxes at the top and base of the eye and on the back of the leg! If you would like to make an inquiry about obtaining a piece similar to these, please email us and we will pass on the request to Cathy. Enjoy...
Cicada Warrior Footed Eye Footed Eye reverse side
Click the images to see a larger version.

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