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Petite Dragonfly

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Dragonfly Photo Gallery
These photos serve as examples for your own jewelry making. We have a few options listed below the gallery for finished pendant designs. If you see a Dragonfly in these photos you just have to have, send Penny an Email to see if a bead is available...

with Pink Roses bead by Mavis Smith and Pink Swirl tail by Glasscapes.
(Click picture for a larger image)

with Red Roses bead by Mavis Smith and Red Swirl tail by Glasscapes.
(Click picture for a larger image)

with Purple Roses bead by Mavis Smith and Purple Swirl tail by Glasscapes.
(Click picture for a larger image)

assortment with furnace glass tails by Glasscapes.
(Click picture for a larger image)

with JuJu beads by JustK.
(Click picture for a larger image)
The petite Dragonfly measures 32 mm (~1 1/4") wide. This Bead Critter is similar to my larger Dragonfly pin design. It was designed for use with long beads although a stack of small beads also work well. The wings have a whimsical swirling design on each side. We offer the combinations listed below as assembled pendant designs complete with a sterling jump ring for stringing on a chain. Chains in various styles and sizes are available here.

Sterling Petite Dragonfly Component

Fine Pewter Dragonfly with Silver finish (one pair)

Fine Pewter Dragonfly with Gold finish (one pair)

Select from the following pendant designs...
Finished designs coming soon...
Beaded Bead Dragonfly Kits
Lily pond kit
Click image for a larger view.
Make your own elegant seed-beaded tail with this great kit project.
Comes complete with step-by-step instructions, seed beads and your Dragonfly Bead Critter!
All you need is your favorite beading needle and thread. Choose from two color combinations. Shown above is Lily pond featuring shades of blue and green. Rainbow, as the name suggests, consists of a beautifully arranged color spectrum.
Choose a kit from the pulldown menu


If you like the Dragonfly...don't miss these other designs!

Joan Miller Porcelain Beads

Large Dragonfly Pin/Pendant

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