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Custom Findings from Penny Michelle

All content and images copyright Penny Michelle 1998-2004. All rights reserved.

Bead Spinners
Beads are such feely things. I always find myself fidgeting with my bracelet or pendant and I really like to make pieces that are fun to play with. The Bead Spinner collection is an easy way to add this extra dimension to your jewelry. Each one features a bead cap and a little critter that might be found naturally flying, buzzing or dancing about it. As the name suggests, the critters spin around the bead cap!! Be sure to check out my samples below to get a good idea of how your beads could be used with a spinner!
Sample Bead Spinner Images

Click on thumbnail for a larger picture.
Flower Field Caps with Honey Bee Spinners
(sold as 2 sets: 2 flower caps and 2 Bees)

Accomodates a wide selection of bead sizes.

$24 for 2 sets (as shown)
Hibiscus Caps and Hummingbird Spinners
(sold as 2 sets: 2 Hibiscus caps and 2 Hummingbirds)

Accomodates a wide selection of bead sizes.

$20 for 2 sets (as shown)
Web Cap and Spider Spinners
(sold as 2 sets: 2 webcaps and 2 Spiders)

Accomodates a wide selection of bead sizes.

$24 for 2 sets (as shown)
Butterfly Spinner
(Sold Individually)

Photo is close up for detail. Actual size is slightly larger than Bee and Hummingbird Spinner. Great detail in wings and leaf on which the Butterfly is resting. Accomodates a wide selection of bead sizes.

$8 each
Frogs on Lily Pad Cap with Dragonfly Spinners
(sold as 2 sets: 2 Lilypad caps and 2 Dragonflies)
Accomodates a wide selection of bead sizes.
Beads in sample photos above are 15mm.

$24 for 2 sets (as shown)
Individual Spinner Parts
Mix and match my fancy bead caps and spinners for your own one-of-a-kind creations!!!
Part Each Quantity
Fancy Bead Caps
Field of Flowers $9
Hibiscus $7
Spider Web $9
Frogs on Lily Pad $9
Bead Spinners
Butterfly Spinner $8
Bee Spinner $4
Dragonfly Spinner $4
Hummingbird Spinner $4
Spider Spinner $4

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