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Finished Jewelry Pieces

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About our One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Queens  Witches  Dolls  Bracelets  Necklaces  Bead Critter Pendants  14k Gold Collection

This page offers completed jewelry as shown. However, please feel free to request specific colors, critters, etc. in an e-mail if you wish. Previously, I have only sold these this way thru Ebay, but this saves me time to do it here and it saves you the frustrations of being outbid! Now all you have to do is be the first to push the "ORDER" button and it is yours!

The items on this page each come gift boxed to delight you or your recipient. We are also happy to include a special message on a gift card. Please indicate your greeting in the message section of the order form.
Although at times it may appear I am offering pieces very similar, keep in mind that the nature of the lampworking process renders no two beads to be exactly alike. Therefore, I like to think of each of these pieces as ONE-OF-A-KIND!!

If you wish to order Critter components only, please proceed to the Bead Critter Page.
If you see a special jewelry finding you like, visit my Fun Findings gallery.

For Wholesale orders of components only, please proceed to the Wholesale Ordering Page.

Pieces that have sold will be left on the page for a short while with the sold button indicating they are no longer available.

Pendant Chains for your One-of-a-Kind Selections

If you need a sterling silver necklace chain to go with any of the pendant purchases on this page, you can do so using the order table below. The two popular styles that I carry are shown in the photo and they are available in several different lengths. These are high quality sterling silver, made in Italy.
Sometimes a chain is included with a pendant; especially when it is necessary to hold everything together. Not to worry though, I will always let you know in the descriptions.
Size Each Quantity
Ball-Style Chains
16 inch $26
18 inch $28
20 inch $30
24 inch $34
30 inch $40
Snake Chains
16 inch $32
18 inch $34
20 inch $36
24 inch $38
30 inch $42
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Seasonal Pendants!

Spooky Stuff!!

Beware It's Witchy!
This pendant is full of all things witchy! She sits atop her pet bat with a spider spinning his web above her. Below her hang all her favorite things, witch boot, pet cat, Book of Spells, pumpkin, mouse and owl! Wow! Witch bead by Mavis Smith, cat face by JustK and pumpkin bead by Joan Miller. I love to make these, no two are alike!

Item is SOLD
Witchy Pendant $123

Fang & Friends
Fang Pendant
Fang is my one-tooth happy bat design! He makes you smile doesn't he? Dangling below is a witch boot, 2-sided flying pumpkin, witch hat, spider bead and ghost spinner. Lots of detail and lots of fun to wear!!

Fang Pendant $95

A popular piece to enjoy for Halloween featuring a bat, porcelain pumpkin by Joan Miller and my ghost spinner component.

Bat-O-Lantern & Ghost $ 48

Creeping Candy Corn!
YUM! Don't you just love candy corn, oh but not spiders! I came across a saying yesterday,"if you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive"!

Item is SOLD
Candy Corn & Spider Earrings $23

Batty for Candy Corn!

Are you batty about candy corn? These are for you!

Item is SOLD
Batty Candy Corn Earrings $25

Mermaid Gals!!

Beach Comber Mermaid


This little gal has her sand pail ready to build sand castles on the beach and a lovely swimcap in case she meets Mr. Right! A little angelfish swims about her head. Ah yes, and don't miss the tattoo on her behind!!

Beach Comber $92

She Sells Seashells!

This gal is on a roll, she has found her first sand dollar! What else will she find? You will find a tattoo adorning her tush!

She sell Seashells $92

Queen of Hearts!
I want a dress like this!....and a sceptor, too!

Queen of Hearts $125

Darling Dolls!

This puppy is stepping out in her finest! Comes with lavender adjustable silk cord necklace, ready to wear!

Puppy Princess Pendant $105

Angel in Bunny Slippers!


She's a doll! The picture of sweetness to adorn your neck!

Angel Pendant $95

Ocean Elegance Bracelet
Ocean Elegance Bracelet

A fabulous porcelain mermaid focal by Joan Miller which includes a crab and fish on the backside is the centerpiece of this fun to wear bracelet. My seahorse beads rock back and forth on your wrist alongside this lovely lady and a sterling crab and seashell also are hiding in the seaweed beads! Made to order with the hair color you wish! Two to three week shipping time.

Ocean Elegance Bracelet $138

Mermaid Charmer Bracelet
Mermaid Charmer Bracelet

This mermaid and orange fishy are having a fun time in the waves. Hiding in the seaweed beads are an otter, seashell, starfish and sand dollar. Fish bead by JustK.
Item is SOLD
Mermaid Charmer Bracelet

Love Those Dragonflies!!

A fun bracelet that incorporates one of Joan's wonderfully detailed porcelain beads along with my sterling dragonfly spacers and small charm. Adjustable length.

Seahorse/Crab Bracelet

A truly one-of-a-kind piece with curved furnace glass in rich purple from Olive glass and a Joan Miller porcelain bead with a seahorse as shown and a great crab on the reverse side! Wears very nice on the wrist and when someone comments you can flip the bead over for a view of a happy crab! Magnetic closure with safety clasp.

Item is SOLD
Love Those Dragonflies Bracelet

Item is SOLD
Seahorse/Crab Bracelet
Shelly the Turtle Bracelets
My Turtle finding is great for incorporating into a unique bracelet project. Similar to my other Bead Charmer designs, just string through the holes in line with a bead and the turtle rides on your wrist.
Dreamy Blue Turtle Bracelet
Blue Turtle Bracelet

Blue bicone and dot beads from Heather Trimlett were used here along with
Shelly and my star link finding to make a very dreamy bracelet.

Sorry, item is sold...
Blue Turtle Bracelet

Love's Blush Bracelet

My Heart Charmers when combined with rose beads by Mavis Smith are very popular at my shows. Every one of my four Heart Charmer designs and an assortment of rose beads with pink, clear and white base colors was used in this piece. Quality Heart Lobster clasp completes the Love theme. Please specify size (7", 8", adjustable or custom) on the comments section of order form.

Love's Blush Bracelet
Salad Bar Bracelet
Salad Bar Bracelet
Just about every vegetable you can imagine (Eggplants, Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas, Radishes) is represented in a great porcelain bead by Joan. Small yellow turquoise rounds serve as spacers and a small carrot charm dangles from the end. The heart lobster clasp fastens at many points along the chain making sizing (and sharing, I suppose) a snap! Every great garden is visited by a hungry critter now and then and my Bunny Bead Critter shows that this time is no exception. Paired with a Carrots Bead from Joan, my Bunny truly converts this bracelet from a Garden to a Salad Bar! This item is special order and will take approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Salad Bar Bunny Bracelet

Over the Rainbow Bracelet

My Heart Charmers are used here in a bracelet design with colorful heart beads from Kandy Elliot. I selected beads from across the color spectrum and accented each heart with a small crystal. Some of us really do wear our hearts on our sleeve so all of my heart charmer designs were used to represent your many moods and emotions! Includes high quality sterling silver chain and clasp components.

Summer Romance Bracelet

All of my Heart Charmers are represented in this one fantastic piece. Features lovely rose beads by lampwork artist Mavis Smith with clear, red, pink and black base colors. The love theme continues with a heart lobster clasp which can attach at various places along the sterling chain to make sizing a snap. ENJOY!

Over the Rainbow Bracelet

Summer Romance Bracelet

Dragonfly Dreams Pin

This piece beautifully combines sterling silver and colorful dichroic beads by Paula Radke. The detailed wings have scenes from the sea and sky. Enjoy...

Dragonfly Dreams Pin

Time & Dragonflies!!
Time & Dragonflies
When I worked in the lab, the drosophila lab next door had a clock that said "time and fruitflies".......this is my own interpretation here with "time and dragonflies"! Hand rolled silk beads by Krystal Wick float along on the chain from which hangs one of my favorite charms.....and yes, time does fly!! $35. Comes with 20" sterling chain. You can purchase just the charm on the Charms page.
Item is SOLD
Time & Dragonflies Pendant
Be Brave...
Be Brave Pendant
When I first went into business on my own, a friend gave me a rubber stamp that said "be Brave and do hard things" finally one day I thought, I need to immortalize that thought in silver and so here it is.....the saying continues on the back of the charm. This picture does not do this piece justice, the colors are really beads by Krystal Wick, lampwork beads by Heather Trimlett. A great gift for a friend who could us the sentiment, or perhaps a good reminder for yourself!! Comes with 20" sterling chain.

Item is SOLD
Be Brave Pendant
Merry Mermaid Pendant
Aquarium bead pendants
A JustK fishy bead is featured in the center while an angelfish spins above and a seahorse and starfish dance below.

Merry Mermaid Pendant $68

Mermaid's Delight Pendant
Mermaid's Delight
A JustK fishy bead is featured in the center of the mermaid charmer while my seahorse design dangles below alongside a sand dollar and some accent crystals. This piece is very popular at my shows!

Mermaid's Delight Pendant...$84
Detailed Sealife Pendants

These pieces feature my Bead Wrap Findings . I have two sealife styles available including the Mermaid and the Shark. Each of the pendants above is assembled with one of Joan Miller's one-of-akind sealife beads. The left mermaid's bead has all different fish, the middle shark wrap has a fish, squid, starfish and a shell, while the right mermaid has all turtles on the bead. Additionally, my brand new turtle spinner is featured atop the middle and right pieces, while an angelfish spins around the top of the left piece. Really fun little pieces of art these pendants are!!
Item is SOLD
Mermaid with Fish Bead
Item is SOLD
Shark and Friends Pendant...$62
Item is SOLD
Right Mermaid with Turtles

Puzzle pendant and bracelet

These pieces feature Penny's Puzzle Piece findings. She has three styles available including Dragonfly, Honey Bee and Butterfly. One side has the insect and the other side is a floral or botanical design. They are great for adding interest to your own jewelry designs! These designs can be made in your favorite colored crystals. Contact Penny (Email) for a custom design!



Floral Fun
Here are some amazing floral beads by Kim Wertz and JustK paired with my Bead Spinners and Bead Wraps. The detail on these silver components really compliment the fantastic artistry in these handmade glass beads.
Kim's Garden
Floral Kim Wertz Spinner Pendants

Choose one of the following pendants for an elegant and colorful pendant. Kim merges dichroic glass and encased florals to make a beautiful focal bead. My Hummingbird and Bee spinner with Floral bead caps are a great compliment. $44 each.

Sorry, Item is SOLD!
Left Floral Spinner Pendant

Item is SOLD
Right Floral Spinner Pendant

JustK's Garden
Floral JustK Butterfly Beadwrap Pendants

These pendants combine a JustK zinnia bead and my Butterfly Bead Wrap. Accented with Swarovski butterfly-shpaed crystals.....I just discovered these and love them with this piece! $48 each, includes color co-ordinating hand-dyed silk cord, ready to wear!

Item is SOLD
Left Butterfly Wrap Pendant

Right Butterfly Wrap Pendant

Teapot Lariat Necklace

Susan Simonds Floral Beads
Susan Simonds Floral Beads Selection

Here is another lariat design, this time with my Pendant-size Heart Charmer and a Love Teapot. Really, any of my Teapots or Bead Critters would work well in this design. Just think, an "I Love Kitties" or a "I Love Frogs" lariet with my Kitty or Frog bead critters replacing the Teapot. We also have a number of Susan Simonds floral bead colors to customize your own design. If you have a special request for a custome design with a different Bead Critter, send you request by Email. Overall chain length is 24".
Love Teapot Lariat
(select a bead color from the pulldown menu)


Bead Critter Pendants
Dragonfly Dress Frog

Dragonflies abound so this is one happy frog! One spins above her head while her skirt is adorned with many of all sizes. Skirt by Joan Miller. Comes on hand-dyed silk, adjustable cord, ready to wear!

Heart-y Hippo!!

My Hippo components are assembled here with a "hearty" porcelain floral bead by Joan Miller. She'll be the star of the jungle in this stylish outfit and her attitude is contagious! Comes with matching hand-dyed silk cord, ready to wear!

Item is SOLD
Dragonfly Dress Frog

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Hearty Hippo Pendant $75

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Bridal Bunny and her Bridesmaids
I do..I do...I do...
Presenting the blushing Bunny Bride and her court of Bridesmaids all dressed up for the big event! Porcelain artist Joan Miller crafted these adorable dress designs especially for my Funny Bunny Bead Critter components and the result is just precious. From left to right the colors are Apricot, Blue Moon, Bridal White, Lavender and Rose Pink. The detail in these dresses is characteristic of Joan's work including precisely placed patterns of flowers and lace. Includes the small carrot charm shown with Bridal White Bunny.

Is your Bunny having a wedding soon???
Contact us for custom colors to adorn your Bride and Bridesmaids.
It's a wedding gift that will remind all the participants for years to come of their part in this special day!
Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders for the bunnies. Enjoy...
Bridal Bunny with (select a dress color from the pulldown menu)


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Frog Princes (aka Prince Charming)

When I first saw Joan Miller's new frog head bead design at the Bead and Button show this year I could not believe my eyes! Apologies to my puppies, but it is darn near the cutest thing I have ever seen. Joan and I knew that, when combined with my new Crown finding, the resulting pendant would be irresistable. Afterall, everyone wants their own Prince Charming...right? Each is a little different with variations in the face, cheek and eye colors and the addition of more or less bumps. I matched colors with a crystal in the crown so they appear to be jeweled! Use the pulldown menu to select your favorite color. They are, left to right: Leafy Green, Moss Green, Bayou Blue, Orange Dreamsicle and Royal Lavender.

Your choice...$49 each

Froggy Prince in (select a color from the pulldown menu)

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Happy Kitty!

This kitty is smiling becuase her tummy is full of mice running around...and hearts too....a great bead by Joan Miller!

Item is SOLD
Kitty full of Mice Pendant!

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Belfry Bat

What better than a dark blue dichroic star bead from Dee Howl to go with my Bat components? By the way, these beads are now available here. The bat can hang either way and here I have him hanging from the rafters as though he is waiting for his nightly flight!

Belfry Bat Pendant

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Pick a Flora the Mouse

Here is a selection of finished pendants with my one of newest critters, Flora the Mouse. On the left is a swirly hearts porcelain bead and on the right is a pink bead with a blue flowers, both by Joan Miller. Each is accented at the top with a small color-matched crystal. Don't forget...Flora greets everyone she meets by saying, "Flower you doing today?"...$52 each
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Swirly Hearts Flora
Click to Order
Blue Flowers Flora

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Tuna Breath Kitty Charmer Pendant
Kitty Charmer Pendant
Got Milk?...You better had with this many kitties staring you down! Now available with your choice of kitty bead by JustK (shown with a Black Weeble Kitty bead). The kitty is surrounded by his posse of pussy cats in my Kitty Charmer. This great two-sided design features unique kitty faces on both sides. Also included is a fish shaped, Tuna Breath charm. This pendant design has been enormously popular at my shows so join the 'Tuna Breath Club' and get yours today! Enjoy.
Kitty Charmer pendant with
(select a kitty style from the pulldown menu.)
See examples here


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Queen Bee Pendants
Purple Roses Queen Bee Pendant
Mavis Smith's rose beads and my Queen Bee have been a very popular combination. My Queen Bee is all dressed up in lace and wearing a crown with a Bee Hive hairdo! I have made a few of these, similar to the one pictured, in various colors that you can select from using the pulldown menu below. If you would like a picture of one, please send me an email. When a color is no longer available we will remove it from the list....Enjoy.
Queen Bee with
(select a bead color from the pulldown menu)


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Teddy Bear

A very cute teddy bear with a blue and red bead from Heather Trimlett.

Item is SOLD
Teddy Bear

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Belfry Bat

What better than a dark blue dichroic star bead from Dee Howl to go with my Bat components? By the way, these beads are now available here. The bat can hang either way and here I have him hanging from the rafters as though he is waiting for his nightly flight!

Belfry Bat Pendant

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Creatures of the Night Pendant
Bat and Spider Pendant

This design is definitely not for the faint of heart. My awesome Bat Bead Critter frames a spider bead by Mavis Smith with a Spider Spinner with Web bead cap accenting the top. The Spider actually spins around the web just like he is spinning his own web! Available in several colors. A Bat and a Spider....sounds like a blockbuster movie concept....

Bat and Spider Spinner with
(select a bead color from the pulldown menu)


The Bead Critter components in this section are cast in 14k gold by request. Please e-mail Penny for current pricing if you are interested in purchasing one of these lovely pieces! Enjoy...
Teddy Bear

Here is my Teddy Bear looking very blonde and full of love! A great dichroic etched hearts bead from Dee Howl fits perfectly with this cute bead critter component set.
14 Carrot Bunny

The bunny has never been happier than in 14 'Carrot' gold! I paired this little gal with a green and blue dot bicone bead from Heather Trimlett. Looks like she is wearing a pretty spring skirt! Enjoy...
Happy Hippo

What a pretty, golden smile my little Hippo critter has when cast in gold. Dressed up as a ballerina and sporting a gold dichroic etched glass star bead from Dee Howl, you can just hear her shouting out loud, "Superstar!!!".
Lucky Frog

My Frog design is assembled with a green bumpy glass bead with goldstone from Susan Simonds. For many people the frog is a good luck symbol and being cast in gold certainly can't hurt your chances! A very whimsical and detailed design that remains one of my favorites. Ribbit...
Wise Owl

This is certainly a treat for bird lovers. A dichroic etched glass gold stars bead from Dee Howl is paried with my Owl Bead Critter. Without question, the Owl is one of my most detailed pieces. His eyes in gold are amazing, as are his feathered texture and tree limb perch. Make someone's holiday (how about your own?) with the purchase of this very fine pendant.

This piece looks like its ready to fly right off the page! The gold casting really worked well for the look of the bat and I loved pairing it with a Dee Howl dichroic etched glass gold stars bead. As he lifts his wings to propel himself into the starry depths of a midnight sky he asks but one question, "Care to join me?".
King Piggy

My Piggy critter looks quite royal when dressed up in gold and a lavender and deep purple floral bead from Susan Simonds! As royal as you can get while wearing overalls, anyway! The bead also has goldstone accents on the light purple pedals...Enjoy.

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