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Penny's Haunted Mansion

Enjoy browsing my collection of Spooktacular Halloween themed designs below.

Also, don't miss the page devoted entirely to collaborative pieces with my sterling silver and Joan Miller's porcelain:

visit the Joan and Penny Halloween page


Fun Sterling Silver Charms

flying pumpkin charm

NEW! Flying Pumpkin Sterling Charm (both sides shown) $12

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Bat Charm
Bat Charm
This little sterling bat charm is a great addition to any Halloween jewelry design. Has a wingspan of about 3/4".

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Bat Charm

Wacky Bats Link

Wacky Bats Charm
These charms are based on the artwork of my friend and fabulous artist Ray Russell. You may have met her at the Harvest Festival shows and seen her hand-painted birds' eggs. They are awesome and a super gift idea! These fun likenesses to her bats are available in a charm (lower photo) or a smaller link size. The links are great for assembling an all-bat bracelet...don't worry they won't bite!

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Wacky Bat Link
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Wacky Bat Charm



Bat Bead Critter
Sterling Silver Bat Pewter Bt in Gold Finish

shown with Dee Howl Dichroic Stars beads (not included)
Choose Sterling Silver or Fine Pewter in Gold or Silver finishes from the pulldown menu:

For a selection of finished Bat pendant designs, such as those shown, visit the Bat Bead Critter Page...

visit the bat bead critter page  visit the bat bead critter page


Also, don't miss these other fun Bead Critters...



more fun charms...
Large Book of Spells
Book of Spells Charm
No witch worth her warts would ever wander without a well-written work of witchcraft. No, weally! This detailed charm displays its title, "Book of Spells" and has a keyhole suggesting the contents are not for prying eyes! Fun textures and shapes are displayed on each cover and a snake serves as the bookmark! What did you expect...a paperback version??? Top and bottom bales allow it to be used as a charm or a link!
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Large Book of Spells Charm/Link
Small Book of Spells
Book of Spells Charm
This smaller version of the Spells book works great in the clasping hand of a Witch or Trick or Treater doll. Also has a snake bookmark and fancy cover designs.
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Small Book of Spells Charm
Witch Shoes
Witch Boots
My cute shoes finding was special made for witch dolls! Details include a little spider and buckles!

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Witch Shoes Component

Witch Shoe Charm

My cute new shoe charm...not available on Zappos...because witches don't wear Crocs!

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Witch Shoe Charm

Halloween Hats

A different hat for a variety of Halloween costumes...$27

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Witch with Spider

Doll Arms

Available as Open Hands or with Grasping Hand to hold a charm. $14

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Halloween Spinners

Bead Spinners are my unique bead accent that are added to the top or bottom of a wire-wrapped bead. They rotate around the bead for an extra touch of whimsy! See the samples below...

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Spider Spinners: Set of 2 Web Caps and Spinners $24

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Ghost Spinners: Set of 2 $7


Witch Bead Wrap

A Witch and her flock of Bats fly across your beads with this awesome new finding.

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Witch Wrap Component

Finished Witch Bead Wrap Pendant
Witch Bead Wrap

Click images for a larger view...

Penny requested Daniel Howl make these Halloween bead colors just for the Witch Wrap.
There are 5 different color combinations available with silver or gold stars.

Choose a Bead from the pulldown menu

Custom Witch Wrap Pendant and/or Earrings

Click images for a larger view...

"Select a bead color and you wil receive a pendant, earrings or both for All-Hallow's Eve!". Features lots of my fun and exclusive sterling designs including the witch wrap, spider spinner, bat charm and spells book. Sounds like a complete Halloween checklist to me...Select the Earrings, Pendant or the complete ensemble below:


Choose your bead color from the pulldown menu:


Witch Wrap Pendant

Choose your bead color from the pulldown menu:


Pendant and Earrings Set

Choose your bead color from the pulldown menu:




Beads for Halloween

Custom Dichroic Stars Halloween beads by Dee Howl
Penny requested Daniel Howl make his popular dichroic stars beads in these fun Halloween colors. There are 5 different color combinations available with silver or gold stars. Click the images for a larger view.

Choose a Bead from the pulldown menu


Dichroic etched star beads by Dee Howl in the following colors:
Click image for a larger view

Choose a Bead from the pulldown menu

Web bead design by Susan Simonds in the following colors:

Left to Right: Green, Purple, Orange

Choose a Bead from the pulldown menu


Animal print beads by JustK in the following colors: Click image for a larger view

left to right: Tiger Stripe, Animal Spots, Caramel Polka dot

Choose a Bead from the pulldown menu


Murrini Spider bead by Mavis Smith in the following colors:
Spider Bead Colors
Left to Right: Black, Orange, Purple, Green

Choose a Bead color from the pulldown menu


For more fabulous Halloween Beads, visit my collaborative page with Joan Miller...

Click HERE!



Terrifying Tassel Pendant

All things Halloween are featured in this fun pendant. Murine beads by Mavis Smith. Kitty by Just-K.

Item is SOLD

Witchy Pendant

This pendant is full of all things witchy! She sits atop her pet bat with a spider spinning his web above her. Below her hang all her favorite things, witch boot, pet cat, Book of Spells, pumpkin, mouse and owl! Wow! Witch bead by Mavis Smith, cat face by JustK and pumpkin bead by Joan Miller. I love to make these, no two are alike!
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Spell Book Witches!

Amazingly detailed murine face and dress beads by Mavis Smith who somehow sculpts these out of molten glass...must be magic!! All the sterling components available at the top of this page.

Item is SOLD

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Magic Wand Witches!

More amazing beads by Mavis out when they wave their wands!!

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Witch Kitties
Hand-crafted Lampwork Kitties by JustK with a pointed hat and a Spider Charm.

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Tiger Witch Kitty


Are you a Joan Miller Junkie like me??!!
Kitty in a Pumpkin..available at
Visit our Halloween webpage with more porcelain beads and jewelry!
What would Halloween be without BONZ??!!
large vertebrae spacer
Visit this amazing collection of otherworldy spacers and findings by artist Cathy Lanzl to breath new life into your jewelry designs!