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   Kimmie and Coco  
All designs and images Copyright 2004 JustK and Penny Michelle.

Most people who have visited a Penny Michelle booth at a bead show know that my business is truly a family affair. More often than not, my Mom is there with me and together she and my Dad do a tremendous amount of preparation work in getting my show on the road. Over the past couple years, I have also started working more and more with my friend Kimmie, a self-taught lampwork bead artist. In addition to supplying me with some incredible bead designs for the critters, she has joined me at a few shows and with her upbeat Kimmie-charisma she always adds extra spice to the booth. I'm really excited, therefore, to present to you this page of designs by Kimmie at JustK. Kimmie received a Bachelor of Arts in Art at The University of Texas at Austin. She seems to master any medium she puts her mind to and started making beads and vessels in polymer clay before being drawn to the flame. Her love for dogs helped inspire my Doggie Charmer design for which she drew the dog faces. I'm sure you will have fun browsing these great bead designs and I encourage you to check back often as more Weebles, Faces and other fun designs are added. Enjoy...

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Sample Gallery
Browse the thumbnails for ideas on using Just-K beads!
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Bunny in a Beaded Bead Dress
Comes with everything you need to make a Seed Beaded Bead Critter!!! (Say that three times fast!!!)
Just-K Bead Shop
Four New Bead Styles added!!!
We are currently offering eight different Just-K bead designs: Fun Florals, Koi Ponds, Doggie Weebles, Doggie Faces, Weeble Kitties, Kitty Faces, Wave Fish Beads and Ruffle Hippo Dress Beads. ENJOY...
Fun Florals
Butterfly Bead Wrap Pendant with Fun Floral Bed
Butterfly Bead Wrap with Fun Floral Bead Pendant
Fun Florals ($12 each) Quantity
Left: Periwinkle/Zinfandel
2nd Left: Yum-Yum Yellow/Hot Orange
Middle: Cherry Bomb/Peach
2nd Right : Acid Green/Lilly White
Right : White Rabbit/Purple Haze

Koi Pond
Mermaid Bead Wrap Pendant with Koi Pond Bead
Mermaid Bead Wrap with Koi Pond bead Pendant

Click image for a larger view
Koi Pond Beads ($12 each)
left to right
Deep Sea Blue
Coral Red
Torquoise Blue
Grass Green

Weeble Kitties
Tiger Weeble Kitty in a Kitty Charmer
Tiger Weeble Kitty framed in a Kitty Charmer  
Like this pendant design?...Order it with your choice of Kitty in the Finished Jewelry Gallery!
Weeble Kitties ($10 each) Quantity
Left: Midnight the Black Kitty
Middle: Stripes the Tiger Kitty
Right: Sammy the Siamese Kitty

Weeble Doggies
Peety Weeble Dog in a Doggie Charmer
Peety Weeble Dog framed in a Doggie Charmer
Weeble Doggies ($10 each) Quantity
Left: Peety the Spotted Dog
Middle: Scraps the Black/Brown Dog
Right: Reddy Dog

Kitty Faces
Sample Coming Soon...
Kitty Faces ($9 each) Quantity
Left: Midnight the Black Kitty
Middle: Stripes the Tiger Kitty
Right: Sammy the Siamese Kitty

Doggie Faces
Scraps Doggie Angel Pendant in Sneakers
Scraps Doggie Angel Pendant in Sneakers
Doggie Faces ($9 each) Quantity
Left: Caramel Doggie
Middle: Peety the Spotted Doggie
Right: Scraps the Black/Brown Doggie

Hippo Ruffle Beads
Ruffle Dress Hippo Samples
Happy Hippo in Black and White formal Dress   Happy Hippo in Sequined Ball Gown
Ruffle Hippo Beads
($12 each)
Left: Pink/Yellow/Dichroic
Left-Middle: Lavender
Right-Middle: Pink/Lavender/Dichroic
Right: Black and White

Wave Fish Beads
Fish and Friends with Wave Bead
Fish and Friends Pendant
Catfish and Friends with Wave Bead
Catfish and Friends Pendant
Find the Sea Urchin Spacers in Cathy Lanzl's Findings Collection...

Wave Fish Beads
($12 each)
Top Picture
Left: Lavender/Chrome/Clear
Left-Middle: Earthtones
Right-Middle: Mint/Lavender/Pink
Right: Hot Pink/Lavender
Bottom Picture
Left: Mint/Yellow/Pink
Left-Middle: Purple/Chrome
Right-Middle: Topaz/Lavender
Right: Mint/Salmon

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