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Quilt by Grandma Quiett

Visit the Quilting Queens on the One-of-a-Kind Page!

Charms and Jewelry for Quilters
In keeping with Penny's desire to create beautiful jewelry for serious hobbyists, she has designed a collection of Sterling Silver Quilting Charms. Because this collection was designed together with her Mom, it has a special place in Penny's heart. Also available are quilting accessory charms. Penny will put any combination of these charms together to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Assembly is FREE!!!

Click on the images below to order.

Heavenly Stitches Quilted Heart Love to Quilt Jacob's Ladder with Hearts

Left to Right: Heavenly Stitches, Quilted Heart, "Love to Quilt", Jacob's Ladder with Hearts

Homeward Bound Nine Patch Cross Bear Paws with Star Dublin Steps

Left to Right: Homeward Bound, Nine Patch Cross, Bear Paws with Star, Dublin Steps

Exclusive Quilt Charm Collection
Each of the charms shown is $18.

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Quilting Bee Pendant Quilting Bee Charm

Exclusive Quilting Bee Pendant and Charm
What better way to say, "Hi, I'm a Quilting Bee!" than wearing these fun charms.
The bee is shown proudly holding up her newest 'Bear Paws with Star' quilt block.

Pendant is 1 1/8" high and 5/8" wide. $40
Charm is 3/4" high and 1/2" wide. $18
Click the image of the one you want to order.

Buy a Sterling necklace chain for your pendant! $25

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Button Charm Bird Scissors Charm
Sewing Machine Charm Scissors Charm

Quilting Accessory Charms
Top Row: Button Charm N/A and Bird Scissors $13
Middle Row: Sewing Machine $19 and Scissors $14
Bottom Row: New, Exclusive Fancy Cut Edgers $15
Click Image to Order

These are excellent quality Sterling Charms with great detail.

Please Note: If there is a charm that you want but it is not here,
drop Penny an email and chances are she can find it!!!

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Quilt Charm Jewelry: You Design it, Penny makes it!

The Quilter's Charm Bracelet

Blown glass beads and your favorite charms combine to make a unique and elegant piece of jewelry. Penny's design above was made using only her exclusive charms. These are not available anywhere else but through this site!

If you want to design a bracelet, use the Jewelry Maker form to select your favorite charms and glass beads. Make your customizing requests in the comments section of the shopping cart (bead color, charm order, etc.) and place your order!

Why buy someone else's idea of a charm bracelet? Design your own!

Quilter's Charm Pins
Create your own! Available with any of the charms on this page.

Let Penny's designs act as a template to make your own pin.

Using the Jewelry Maker form, order a pin finding, glass beads and select your favorite charms. Further customize your order by specifying the color of glass beads and the overall arrangement in the comments section of the shopping cart.
The Charm Jewelry Maker

It's so easy to use! The hard part is deciding what you want!!
Just fill in the form to choose the components Penny will use to make your new bracelet or pin.

There's no charge for assembly!

For a CHARM PIN, pick out up to 3 Charms plus Blown Glass Beads and a Pin finding. 

For a CHARM BRACELET, pick out as many Charms as you want plus Blown Glass Beads and a Bracelet Chain.

For Design Ideas Go Here.

Description Quantity Price Per Unit
Jewelry Accessories
Sterling Charm Bracelet $32
Sterling Charm Pin Finding $12
Blown Glass Beads
(Specify color in comments
section of shopping cart)
Charm or Pendant Sterling Necklace $25
Exclusive Quilt Block Charms
Heavenly Stitches $18
Quilted Heart $18
"Love to Quilt" Charm $18
Jacob's Ladder with Hearts $18
Homeward Bound $18
Nine Patch Cross $18
Bear Paws with Star $18
Dublin Steps $18
Quilting Bee Charm $18
Quilting Bee Pendant $40
Quilting Accessory Charms
Button Charm N/A
Bird Scissors Charm $13
Sewing Machine Charm $19
Scissors Charm $14
Fancy Cut Edgers Charm $15

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