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As seen in...

Love Teapot
Bead and Button
Feb. 2004

in Tea Magazine
Winter 2004

Teapots Makers and Collectors

a new book by Dona Z. Meilach
Summer 2005

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Assembled Sterling & Art Glass Teapots

My teapots are all original designs, carved in wax and cast in sterling silver using the lost wax casting method. I then combine my pieces with lampwork artglass beads handmade by several talented artists from all over the country. Each of these little works of art are rich with detail (see descriptions below). All pieces are accented with a matching Swarovski crystal on the top. While these pieces are considered to be pendant size, they are also suitable for charm bracelets, as miniatures for collectors, etc. With their exquisite detail and colorful artglass beads, my teapots are sure to please the tea lover…. and what better way to show your love for tea?! To complete your pendant design, I have included a section for ordering sterling silver chains in two styles and a variety of lengths at the bottom of the page. The beads shown on this page are consistently available. However, I do work with many other fine beadmakers whose work is pictured on my website. You are welcome to browse these and my many other fun designs and send me an e-mail with any special requests. I am happy to work with you, custom orders are my special-tea!!

The Teapots are now available in Sterling Silver AND Fine Pewter. The Fine Pewter is coated with a tarnish preventive plating and is available in a Silver or Gold finish. Use the pulldown menus below to choose...

Classic and Love Teapot
Classic Teapot components with Dee Howl bead DH2 Love Teapot components with Susan Simonds bead SS1
Both of these designs make great little Teapot pendants. The Love Teapot says ‘Love’ on the bottom and is covered with hearts. The Classic design has lots of small floral and swirling designs. Both of these designs are available assembled with beads by Dee Howl of New Mexico and Susan Simonds of Colorado. Please look over the beads pictured below and use the drop down menus to select your favorite bead and order an assembled teapot design. The beads shown are also available by themselves on my Beads and Stamps page.

Dee Howl bead selection
Beads by Dee Howl

Susan Simonds bead selection
Beads by Susan Simonds
Classic Teapot
Select a bead and Sterling Silver or Fine Pewter from the pulldown menus.

Buy a chain!!!
Love Teapot
Select a bead and Sterling Silver or Fine Pewter from the pulldown menus.

Buy a chain!!!
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Bee Hive Teapot
Bee Hive Teapot components with Mavis Smith bead MS7
The Beehive Teapot design has a honeycomb design on the bottom and little tiny bees all about the whimsical beehive including one that spins around the top of this fun piece! It is available with beautiful rose beads by Mavis Smith.

Mavis Smith bead selection
Beads by Mavis Smith
Beehive Teapot
Select a bead and Sterling Silver or Fine Pewter from the pulldown menus.

Add a Bee Spinner (Sterling Silver only)...$4

Buy a chain!!!

Teapot Lariat Necklace

Susan Simonds Floral Beads
Susan Simonds Floral Beads Selection

Here is another lariat design, this time with my Pendant-size Heart Charmer and a Love Teapot. Really, any of my Teapots or Bead Critters would work well in this design. Just think, an "I Love Kitties" or a "I Love Frogs" lariet with my Kitty or Frog bead critters replacing the Teapot. We also have a number of Susan Simonds floral bead colors to customize your own design. If you have a special request for a custome design with a different Bead Critter, send you request by Email. Overall chain length is 24".
Love Teapot Lariat
(sterling silver only, select a bead color from the pulldown menu)

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Teapot Components in Sterling Silver and Fine Pewter

My Teapot components are also available unassembled so bead makers and collectors can combine them with their own beads. If you are a jewelry maker, be sure to browse my entire collection of fun Sterling Bead Critters, Bead Charmers and Fun Findings! It's all unique and exclusive to Penny Michelle!

Love Teapot
Components alone (no bead)
Love Teapot components

One of my newest designs is a new version of my popular Teapot with a Love theme. You will be amazed at the detail of this piece. Hearts abound and be sure to peek inside the base for a special message!
Sterling Silver Love Teapot Components

Fine Pewter Love Teapot Components with Silver finish

Fine Pewter Love Teapot Components with Gold finish

Classic Teapot
Components alone (no bead)
Classic Teapot components
Classic Teapots Sampler

My Teapot designs are as much a result of popular demand as anything else; many customers have seen my findings at shows and asked that I make a Teapot. Not to disappoint, the Teapot top and base are very detailed and, as you can see, I've had a great time making some colorful examples. Notice how nicely a small crystal works to accent the top. So get ready everyone, its time to play "Tea-time" again!
Sterling Silver Classic Teapot Components

Fine Pewter Classic Teapot Components with Silver finish

Fine Pewter Classic Teapot Components with Gold finish

BeeHive Teapot
Components alone (no bead)
Bee Hive Teapot components Bee Hive Teapot with Bee Spinner
Bottom detail of small bees on Bee Hive Teapot

My newest Teapot design is actually a Bee-pot! We went crazy with details on this design. Little bees crawl all over the hive, even on the underneath side (see second picture). The bees have turned the hive into a home by adding a door and windows; I guess they have been to Home Beepot, or is it Hive Depot??!! You'll have great fun coming up with designs with these findings. Add a bee spinner for even more fun! For individual spinner orders, or my fancy bead caps, click here.
Sterling Silver BeeHive Teapot Components

Fine Pewter BeeHive Teapot Components with Silver finish

Fine Pewter BeeHive Teapot Components with Gold finish

Bee Spinner in Sterling Silver only...$4

Chains for your Teapot Pendants

If you need a sterling silver necklace chain to go with any of the Teapot pendants on this page, you can do so using the order table below. The two popular styles that I carry are shown in the photo and they are available in several different lengths. These are high quality sterling silver, made in Italy.
Size Each Quantity
Ball-Style Chains
16 inch $26
18 inch $28
20 inch $30
24 inch $34
30 inch $36
Snake Chains
16 inch $32
18 inch $34
20 inch $36
24 inch $38
30 inch $42

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