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Winter Wonderland
Merry Christmas from Penny Michelle!!!

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland page where you will find lots of special holiday gift ideas. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind pendant design, Penny's sterling components or just stopping by for a smile, you've come to the right place! Not sure what someone would like? Give the gift of Penny Michelle and buy them some Bojo Bucks! They are redeemable online or at any of our they receive the adorable little card shown below. Happy browsing!

Halloween Collection is HERE...
Penny Michelle Gift Certificates

Gift certificates, also known as 'Bojo Bucks', are available in the denominations listed in the following order table. We will send notice to the gift recipient via email or snail mail at any date that you specify (Birthday, Christmas Day, perhaps?).
On the order form, please fill out the recipient's address for the shipping address or specify an email address in the message section of the order form.
Gift messages can also be sent; just let us know what you would like to say. If you are buying more than one, specify the destinations in the message section or in an . Hey, no problem. We're here to please!

No Shipping costs on the purchase of Gift Certificates.
Shipping costs in the shopping cart will be corrected for all Gift Certificate orders.

Item Price Quantity
$15 Gift Certficate $15
$30 Gift Certficate$30
$50 Gift Certficate $50
$75 Gift Certficate $75
$100 Gift Certficate $100

Santa & Snowflake Charm
Santa and Snowflake charm
Two sided charm design with a happy Santa Claus on the front and a beautiful snowflake on the back. A loop extends from each hand for incorporating into a bracelet or pendant design.
Click to Order
Santa & Snowflake Charm...$36
Santa & Goodies Pendant
Santa and Snowflake Pendant
The NEW charm design is used here to make a great holiday pendant the hit of your Christmas parties and gatherings...includes a 20" sterling ball chain.
Click to Order
Santa & Snowflake Pendant with chain...$54

Hand-crafted Lampwork Kitties and Doggies by JustK with a Santa hat and a Mousy or Dogbone Charm.
$21 each

Click to Order
Ginger-Snap Santa Kitty

Click to Order
Butterscotch Santa Kitty

Click to Order
Tiger Santa Kitty

Click to Order
Rottie Santa Dog

Click to Order
Goldie Santa Dog

Click to Order
Peety Santa Dog
Penguin Pendants

Here's a critter who sure does not mind the cold weather!! This fun pendant combines a whimsical Joan Miller porcelain Penguin bead with a sterling Snowflake and pine cone charm, a dichroic glass star bead and a 20 inch ball-style chain. Lots of Swarovski crystal accents. The Penguin beads have a lovely Snowflake design on the reverse side and are available separately on Joan's website.
Choose one below...$65 each

Click to Order


Let it Snow!!
Snowman Bracelet

A fabulous porcelain snowman focal by Joan Miller which includes a snowflake design on the backside is the centerpiece of this fun to wear bracelet.

Snowman Bracelet $84

Let it Snow Pendant

Here's a great pendant design to celebrate the season! Combines a Joan Miller porcelain Snowman bead with sterling Snowflake charms and a 20 inch ball-style chain.
Click to Order
'Let it Snow' Pendant
Coco the Penguin Pendant

This design features my newest Bead Critter, Coco the Penguin. He is bundled up for the cold weather and is warming his wings and insides with a hot cup of cocoa. Whipped cream???....Yes, please! Also includes a 20 inch ball-style chain, a small star bead and a sterling snowflake charm.
Click to Order
Coco the Penguin Pendant

Kitty Santa Pendants
Kittie Santa Trio
HO! HO! MEOW??? These adorable Kitties are wearing porcelain dresses with little mice kissing under the mistletoe! They are all bundled up in my sterling Santa Boots and Hat or Elf Shoes and Hat. My clasping hand charm is holding a mouse charm or bait (a piece of cheese charm). Feel free to contact us concerning availability and order status. $120 each

Santa Kitties

Left: Red Dress

Middle: Blue Dress

Right: White Dress

Holiday Happy Kitties
Happy Kittie Trio
Here Joan's new "Mousies under the Mistletoe" dresses were paired with my Happy Kitty top component and either my Santa Boots or Elf Shoes. Silly Kitties! The following designs are available and we currently have one of each. Once they are gone you can still order by December 10 for shipping by Christmas. Feel free to contact us concerning availability and order status. $85 each

Holiday Happy Kitties

Left: Red Dress

Middle: Blue Dress

Right: White Dress

Santa in the Box Pendant
Santa in the Box
Our Halloween Jack-in-the-Boxes have been so popular, we decided to do some holiday designs. Here Joan's jolly old St. Nick head is popping out of his Santa Coat box wearing my sterling Santa hat. A Just-K wave bead works great as a collar and his clasping arms component is holding a gift box charm.

Santa in the Box Pendant...$115

Snowman in the Box Pendant
Snowman in the Box
You don't have to wait for it to snow to build a snowman...make one out of porcelain and sterling sure will last longer! Joan's adorable Snowman head (complete with a carrot nose and porcelain top hat) were paired with a snowman body box bead and my clasping arms component holding a spare snowflake. Accented with a color-matched seed beaded collar.

Snowman in the Box Pendant...$115

Santa Earrings
Santa Claus Earrings
These earrings make great accessory pieces to our pendant doll designs. These hand-painted porcelain Santa head beads are capped off with my Sterling Santa Hat. Make sure Santa is "in your ear" all through this season to help you make the right gift purchases and remind you not to be too naughty!!! Sterling ear wires.

Santa Earrings...$85

Snowman Earrings
Snowman Earrings
Here's a pair of earrrings you can wear all winter long. Joan's snowman head beads with a porcelain top hat were accented with a small snowflake charm. Be prepared for many friends and strangers alike to stare at your well-dressed ears! Sterling ear wires.

Snowman Earrings...$70

Mrs. Claus goes Skating Pendant
Skating Mrs. Claus
Here's a fun Holiday action, it's not SpongeBob or Harry Potter, it's good old Mrs. Claus wearing my Ice Skates shoes component! Joan's porcelain head and dress were paired with my sterling Santa Hat and arms with clasping hand. She is holding a sterling gift box charm. Available with a seed-beaded collar! Just a note...All our dolls are assembled with sterling wire.

Skating Mrs. Claus

Ice Fairie
Skating Ice Fairie
No, this is not an escapee from the Blue Man Group! This special holiday doll is wearing a snowflake dress and matching seed-beaded collar. Her clasping hand component is holding a snowflake charm.

Ice Fairie

Mr. and Mrs. Frosty
Frosty Couple
There's nothing like going for a skate on fresh ice with your beau for the holidays. This is Joan's first attempt at a lady snowman (snowgirl?) and the results are just precious. They are wearing scarfs with color-matched hats and a sterling pair of ice skates. Each is holding a snowflake with my clasping arms charm. $120 each

Left: Mr. Frosty

Right: Mrs. Frosty

"Your a Cute One, Mr. Grinch!"
Grinch Doll
Joan decided to spice up our Santa Doll design and include a Christmas Grinch. My Elf Hat and Shoes really bring out the naughty in him...don't you think?? Hey, without a little Bad you can't have Good, right? He is carrying your present back to his cave! Better click the button below and catch him.
Measures about 55 mm high (2 1/8").

Grinch Pendant

Elf Pendants
PLEASE NOTE!! The elves on this page are all made by request when ordered and will take 2-3 weeks for delivery.
For one-of-a-kind elves that are ready to ship, please visit the one-of-a-kind page.

Each Elf sports a new sterling hat and elf shoes designed just for this creation. The Head and Dress are hand-painted doll porcelain and all metal is sterling silver. They are accented at the top with a color-matched Swarovski Crystal. The following designs are available as shown; you can also custom design your own ELF with a variety of Dress and Head beads with or without a charm in his hand.

Sterling Chains to complete your ELF are available here. The components are also available individually below.
Gift-bearing Elf
Gift-bearing Elf
Here's an awesome Elf for your holiday parties! Combines a Candy Cane Dress and Gift Box charm.

Gift-Bearing Elf Pendant

Enchanted Forest Elf
Enchanted Forest Elf
Right out of a fairy tale, this little Elf has been exploring the winter forest and has the rosey red cheeks to prove it! Combines a Snowflake Dress and Pine Cone charm.

Enchanted Forest Elf Pendant

Winter Wonderfuland Elf
Winter Wonderfuland Elf
This is my personal favorite..I love Snowmen and Joan's are just too cute! Combines a Snowman Dress and Pine Cone Charm.

Winter Wonderland Elf Pendant

Quilted Dress with Dots Elf
Quilted Dress Elf
This design seems to evoke a feeling of warmth, like you are cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea in your favorite quilt. Includes a Red-Green Quilt Dress with Dots.

Quilted Dress with Dots Elf Pendant

Sweet-Tooth Elf
Sweet-Tooth Elf
Does anyone ever lose weight during the holidays??? This guilt-free Elf says to enjoy the season and save diets for the New Year! Combines a Red-Green Swirls Dress and a Candy Cane Charm.

Sweet Tooth Elf Pendant

Santa's Helper Elf
Santa's Helper Elf
Every family has one person who gets up earliest on Christmas morning and can't wait to open the gifts. This Elf is passing out a gift-filled stocking and can't wait to get to his own! Includes a Red-Green Sprinkles Dress and a Gift Stocking Charm.

Santa's Helper Elf Pendant

Christmas Formal Elf
Christmas Formal Elf
Dressed up for the Christmas Dance, this cute little Elf is ready to break some hearts! Of course, being an Elf he can magically mend them just as easily...

Christmas Formal Elf Pendant

Snuggle-Time Elf
Checker Dress Elf
This elf is ready for a cold winter's night bundled up by the fire. He's wearing a warm quilted dress and holding a special present just for you!

Snuggle Time Elf Pendant

Dotted Dress Elf
Dotted Dress Elf
This elf is all dressed up for a fun holiday party. He's getting on the holiday buzz with a BIG sugary snack! Wanna play???

Dotted Dress Elf Pendant

You also have the option to build your own ELF below...

Custom Order ELF...
We will assemble your choice of Dress and Elf Head bead with Elf Hat and Shoes components.
All metal used in assembly is sterling silver and each will be accented with a Swarovski crystal.
Please add any other preferences for your custom Elf design to the comments section of the order form.

Use the pulldowns to select a Dress and Hair Color for your Elf:

Chooose a Dress Design:

Choose a Hair Color:

Add a Charm to your Elf's Hand...$5
Choose a Charm...

Santa Claus Pendant

HO! HO! HO! says this merry pendant design. On a page full of seasonal designs, we couldn't very well leave out jolly old St. Nick! Joan had a blast making these porcelain Santa faces along with his red coat with a BIG black belt...this is Santa, afterall. He's even holding a present to place under your tree! Enjoy this great NEW piece or the sterling Santa hat and boots charms designed especially for it (sterling components are here)...Enjoy!

Santa Claus Pendant

Snowman Pendant

What's more fun this time of year than building a snowman?...How about wearing one! Joan created these adorable snowman heads and bodies that can be combined with a number of my seasonal shoe charms to complete a unique pendant design. Shown above, he is wearing the Santa boots and holding an extra snowflake..."Always carry a spare!", says Mr. Snowman. Design your own with your favorite shoe charms and a pine cone, snowflake, etc. for his hand. The default is as shown in the picture...Enjoy!
Snowman with your choice of shoes and hand charm.
Choose his Shoes...

Choose his hand charm...

Skating Angels
These fun pendants celebrate the season by going for a skate the morning after the first freeze. The little faces appear to be singing as they glide across the ice bundled up in beautiful porcelain dresses and wearing my NEW angel wings and skates (available separately here). And every angel needs a halo! Accented with a small Swarovski crystal. Choose from the designs below...

Click to Order
Hearts & Swirls Dress Skating Angel

Click to Order
Stars & Dots Dress Skating Angel

Festive Finished Pendant Designs
What could be more personal a gift than designing your own pendant??!! Choose your favorite colors from a wide variety of beads by lampwork artist Dee Howl and match it with a Penguin or Snowman Bead Critter! We have a similar gift idea on our Teapots page...Enjoy!
Coco the Penguin Pendant

Combine your favorite color etched dichroic Dee Howl Stars bead with my NEW Penguin components. Shown assembled with DH5: Dark Lavender base with Orange & Lime Swirls bead.
See all the colors as labeled DH1-DH8 in the picture below.
Penguin with Etched Dichroic Star Bead...$42

Penguin Components assembled with...
Choose a Bead

Snowman Pendant

Combine your favorite color etched dichroic Dee Howl Stars bead with my Snowman components. Shown assembled with DH8: Cobalt base with Pink & Lime Swirls bead.
See all the colors as labeled DH1-DH8 in the picture below.
Snowman with Etched Dichroic Star Bead...$38

Snowman Components assembled with...
Choose a Bead

Choose a Hat

Find great Snowflake Charms here.
Dee Howl Star Beads

Dee Howl Etched Dichroic Star Beads...$10

Sterling for the Season...
This section is for ordering my sterling components only. Add your own beads to create a custom critter!
Penguin Components

This new design of a cute little penguin is wearing a stocking cap and holding a cup of Coco! Works great with Dee Howl beads.
Click to Order
Penguin Components (no bead)
Elf Components

We love using the new hat and shoe components to make Elves, but I'm sure that many other uses can be envisioned. Enjoy using these fun designs in your own pieces and be sure to send me a picture!

Click to Order
Elf Hat Component

Click to Order
Elf Shoes Component
Skater Legs Component

See my wonderful skating angels for an example using this NEW design. These highly detailed skates are a great addition to Imelda Caterpillar or can be used to make your own ice ballerina...
Click to Order
Skater Legs Component
Santa Components

These NEW sterling components should get you in the holiday spirit. Santa Claus just would not be the same without his hat and boots...also useful in making a snowman or any wintertime creation!

Click to Order
Santa Hat Component

Click to Order
Santa Boots Component
Arms Component

Talk about a versatile NEW little finding. These arms were first used in my Halloween Witch pendants and we are now using them for the Elves! String these between any head and body beads for an instant doll design...
Click to Order
Arms Component
Wings Component

I designed this NEW finding to make angels from Joan's face beads. Thankfully, the fine detail in the feathers really came through nicely. Example pendant designs coming soon...
Click to Order
Wings Component
Snowman Components

My first ever holiday design!! Includes your choice of hat, either Top Hat or Cowboy Hat. Unlike the real thing this guy will never melt!
Snowman Components with Hat (no bead)...$35
Choose a hat...

Reindeer Components
Lots of detail in this whimsical design. He's having fun as evidenced by his big smile. Why? He's playing reindeer games! Shown with a lovely floral bead by Susan Simonds.
Click to Order
Reindeer Components (no bead)
Chris the Moose Components
Chris is one cool customer striking a casual pose with his legs crossed and his chin in one hoof.
He seems to be looking you over while you check him out.
A great set of antlers and all the moose details...right down to his little goatee!
Click to Order
Chris the Moose Components (no bead)
Heavenly Body Angel Component
Heavenly Body Component alone

Heavenly Body Component with Shoes (select a type of shoe)

Charming Charms
These great sterling charms can be used in your own holiday jewelry creations or incorporated into an existing charm bracelet.
A great winter design accent
Pine Cone

Add to a seasonal jewelry piece
Peppermint Stick

Add to a seasonal jewelry piece
Christmas Stocking

Add to a seasonal jewelry piece
Gift Box
Top and side view shown

Add to a winter jewelry piece

Left: $5

Middle-left: $6

Middle-right: $6

Right: $6
Pendant Chains to complete your gift selections...

If you need a sterling silver necklace chain to go with any of the pendant purchases on this page, you can do so using the order table below. The two popular styles that I carry are shown in the photo and they are available in several different lengths. These are high quality sterling silver, made in Italy.
Sometimes a chain is included with a pendant; especially when it is necessary to hold everything together. Not to worry though, I will always let you know in the descriptions.
Size Each Quantity
Ball-Style Chains
16 inch $11
18 inch $12
20 inch $13
24 inch $15
30 inch $18
Snake Chains
16 inch $14
18 inch $15
20 inch $16
24 inch $18
30 inch $21

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